About Us

The Creator has gifted this Universe with number of precious things and one of them is PEARL, the most beautiful creation found in the oceans but only lucky people can get this out of the ocean.

After pouring into lifetime efforts and number of year's struggle in the field of manufacturing candies and confectionery we too got the pearl of candies and we named our factory as "PEARL CONFECTIONERY (PVT) LIMITED".

Our History

Pearl Food Industries was established in 1982 with bright vision and dedication which have now ultimately been converted into M/s. Pearl Confectionery (Pvt) Limited [PCL] and entered into corporate sector in Pakistan. Today it is one of the largest confectionery manufacturer and exporter in the Country.

Global Export

Our Brands “Sweethill” and “City Boy” are well recognized in the international markets and those emerged as leading brands being in demand from every corner. We are producing high profile products for our overseas buyers and exporting to Australia, Canada, the UK, EU, Far East, Middle East, South East Asia, West and Central Africa etc., etc. Our product range includes Hard Boiled Candies, Centre Filled Candies, Depositing Candies, Candies Toffees and Bars, Sugar Coated Products, Bubble Gums, Lollipops, Snacks and Pan Masala etc. etc.

Pakistan Wide Sale

We are catering for the domestic market and enjoy the sizable share of the local confectionery market, as our products are very well known locally too.


Pearl Confectionery (Pvt) Ltd. offering wide range of Candies, Bubble Gum, Chews & Toffees, Sugar Free, Sugar Coated and Deco Products etc. With modern management techniques most advance Quality Control System and Quality Professional, we have confidence and tendency to become an apex class confectionery manufacturer and will ordeal ourselves in the international industry of confectionery manufacturers. today it is one of the largest confectionery manufacturer and exporter in the Country.

All above efforts made us entitled for the Merit Export Award 2005 be the President of Pakistan Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf. We also own the award of Best Confectionery Exporter of Pakistan.

Quality Policy

Pearl Confectionery (Pvt.) Ltd. endeavors to maintain a stringent quality conscious approach in developing and delivering its products and services, with the aim to satisfy its valued customers. In this respect, we are committed to fulfill all applicable legal and other requirements, binding on the company. Our teams of dedicated professionals are committed to work with passion to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become the leading confectionary company by providing quality, safe and healthy products nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

We inspire to put smiles on our customers’ faces by providing creative, safe and healthy products (nationally and internationally).  We consistently meet consumer expectations through innovation and customer feedback through all the channels.  PCL will stay above competitors by achieving efficiency, operational and manufacturing excellence.  Employees are our partners and asset whose safety and health are our first priority.  Our responsibility is towards the community and society.

Core Business Values

1.            Quality: We strive to put quality and safety at the heart of all of the activities through product, people, partnerships and performance.

2.            Teamwork: As the Pearl Confectionery family, we display effective teamwork by providing the necessary support for each other and make the most of our differences in knowledge, skills and experience through mutual respect and insight.

3.            Respect: Pearl Confectionery genuinely care for the business and the colleagues which like listen, understand and respond. The company is open, friendly and welcoming. The company embraces new ideas and diverse customs and cultures.

4.            Operational Excellence: We are passionate about winning in our markets. The company competes in a tough but fair way. The company is striving, hardworking and makes the most of the abilities. The company is prepared to take risks and act with speed.We continuously improve our efficiency in every area and strive to create sustainable added value for our stakeholders and enable our customers to obtain quality products at reasonable prices.

5.            Trust: Our employees will conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner with all clients and fellow employees.

6.            Consumer Health: We effectively foresee, understand and meet the needs of our customers ensuring maximum satisfaction.

7.            Health and Safety of Employee: The safety and health of our employees is critically important. We aim to have a healthy, safe workplace by providing necessary training, well-maintained equipment, and employee accountability on the job.

8.            Creativity: We are a company that is constantly and rapidly learning, adapting, developing and adding value to its industry through its progressive ideas.

9.            Positive Attitude: Negativity is not welcome in our workplace. Employees should maintain a positive attitude in all interactions with fellow employees and our customers.


SweetHill Eclairs

SweetHill Eclairs